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This information is not required to process your report but would be helpful if we need to contact you for any additional information. 7a. Your name c. Best time to call Print and send your completed form to Internal Revenue Service PO Box 3801 Ogden UT 84409 Catalog Number 47872E www.irs.gov Form 3949-A Rev. 10-2020 Page 2 Instructions for Form 3949-A Information Referral General Instructions Purpose of the Form Use Form 3949-A to report alleged tax law violations by an individual a business...
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Suspect:If it is a corporation, the corporation filing the Form 3949A must provide the person or business with an individual taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), a corporation tax identification number (CTIN), or a Delaware corporation number. If the corporation is a partnership, the individual partners must provide an individual partner tax identification number (ITIN). If the corporation is a sole proprietorship, the sole proprietor must provide an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). If the corporation is a partnership, partnership tax identification number (PTIN) is required if a tax return was filed by each partner. Section A Information About the Person or Business:The person or business suspected of violating tax law should provide the information below on the form:Name (or trade name if the person is not a taxpayer):The name of the person or business you are reporting the suspected violation to:The address of the person or business:The phone number of the person or business:The names of other persons who are the principals in the business (if the person or business has more than one principal):If the person or business does not have a U.S. presence, provide an address or foreign country where the person or business does not conduct tax-paying activities:The type of the business:If the business is a sole proprietorship or partnership, provide the names and addresses of all persons having a managerial or controlling position and the names and addresses of all officers of the business. If the person or business is both a corporation and an association, provide the names and addresses of all persons having a managerial or controlling position and the names and addresses of all officers of the corporation or association.: (Note: List any U.S. officers and directors, or other U.S. people whose names appear with the business.)Section B Information About the Taxpayers of the Person or Business Reporting the Violation:The name(s) of the persons making the payments, to the extent known:Type(s):Type of payment or payments made:Amount paid or received:Amount received by the person or business:The person or business you are reporting the suspected violation to:The address of the person or business, if known:Use the "Other" box to indicate the taxpayer of the transaction you suspect is violating tax law, and to indicate the name of the person or business that made the payment without knowledge that the payment was not authorized. Section B Instructions If the person or business you are reporting the suspected violation to is a corporation, association, or sole propriet

What is form 3949-a?

This form is an Information Referral that individuals can use to report any income tax violations committed by other individuals or businesses. The whistleblowers willingly complete the 3949 a form and report it to the Internal Revenue Service with any information and evidence of the suspected tax fraud.

Who needs to file IRS form 3949-A?

Customers and other individuals can complete IRS form 3949-a if they suspect any individuals or businesses in tax law violations and fraud. These may involve false deductions and exemptions, unreported income, false documents, failure to pay tax, narcotic revenue, unsubstantiated income, organized crimes, and so forth. Filing an Information Referral is voluntary, not an obligatory action. Therefore, the whistleblowers may choose to stay anonymous, confidentially reporting the tax law breach or fiscal evasion.

What information do you need when you file form 3949-a?

Before preparing your 3949 a form, please check the instructions provided on pages 2 and 3 of the document. You will also find examples of cases where you don't need to fill out this report.

Generally, you need to provide the following data:

  • Give the details about who committed the violation. Please provide their full name, date of birth, SSN / TIN, contact details, occupation, and marital status for individual violators. For companies, give the name of the business, its contact information, and EIN.
  • Describe the type of the alleged violation. Select an option from the list with a checkmark. Also, state the unreported income for specific tax years and comment on what you know about the alleged violation (who, what, where, and how you knew about it).
  • Provide information about yourself. (This is optional.) You can leave these fields blank if you want to remain incognito. However, the IRS recommends you provide details if they need to contact you for further information or evidence.

How do you fill out the 3949-a form?

You can complete form 3949-a electronically, but it's required to file it on paper by mail. It’s possible to do both with pdfFiller, an advanced and user-friendly document editor. Here’s how:

  1. Click Get Form to open the form for online editing.
  2. Click on the first highlighted field and type in the name of the alleged violator.
  3. Provide details on reported violations by checking the appropriate boxes.
  4. Choose the state from the dropdown and use the calendar in the Date area to set when the reported case happened.
  5. Click Done and choose whether to print your form 3949 a or use the Send via USPS option to quickly order mail delivery right from the editor.

Is the IRS form 3949-a accompanied by other forms?

Send the printed and completed IRS form 3949 a to the IRS accompanied by any documents that prove the reported tax violation. If any books or records substantiate your report, they must be indicated. The IRS will contact you once they require these documents for their investigation.

When is form 3949-A due?

There is no due date for filing the 3949 a form. It's a voluntary document that whistleblowers may send to the IRS to report supposed tax violations as soon as they hold such information.

Where do I send form 3949 a?

A whistleblower should complete and send the printed copy of the IRS form 3949-a to the address below:

Internal Revenue Service,

PO Box 3801


UT 84409

See instructions on reverse If the Form 3949 contains the word “Form,” the page number will start at 1. The form must be used first to report the income, gain, loss, deduction, tax withheld, and other information relating to the property. The information you report on Form 3949 must be completed in the following order: Income Tax Deduction Notice of Federal Tax Discharge. Income Tax Return Form 14039 If the form contains the word “Form” and the page number is preceded by the word “Information,” the page number starts at 1 of the document. Date Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6 Line 7 Line 8 Line 9 Line 10 Line 11 Line 12 Line 13 Line 14 Line 15 Line 16 Line 17 Line 18 Line 19 Line 20 Line 21 Line 22 Line 23 Line 24 Item 1: Property, Other Than Real Property — General Information Form 3949: Summary of Information You Return. (A) Item 1: Property, Other Than Real Property — General Information Item 1 to line 18 of the document is “Property, Other Than Real Property,” and line 15 of the form begins with “Form 3949 (Form 3949-A)” to continue with the document. If the document contains the word “Information,” the page number starts at 8 and the column heading starts with a number. (A) Item 2: Income Tax Deduction Notice of Federal Tax Discharge (B) Line 18. (For information on Form 4040, see the instructions for Line 10. For information on Form 2062, see the instructions for line 6.
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