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Follow the instructions on the notice. Do not complete Form 3949-A. o To report an abusive tax avoidance scheme promotion or a promoter of such a scheme. CAUTION DO NOT USE Form 3949-A o If you suspect your identity was stolen. Use Form 14039. Follow Instructions for Submitting this Form on Page 2 of Form 14039. Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service Form 3949-A OMB Number 1545-1960 Information Referral April 2016 See instructions on reverse Use this form to report suspected...
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Who needs an IRS Form 3949-A?

This form is an Information Referral requested by Internal Revenue Service to report tax law violations. You can fill in this document voluntarily if any tax fraud activity is suspected.

What is the IRS form 3949-A for?

You can use the Information Referral if you know of a crime, committed by a business or an individual, such as false exemption or deduction, a kickback, documents falsification, unsubstantiated, unreported or narcotic income, failure to withhold or to pay taxes, organized crime, wagering or gambling.

Is the Form 3949-A accompanied by other forms?

The fillable IRS Form 3949-A 2014 should be accompanied by any documents that prove the reported tax violation. If there are any books or records that substantiate your report, they must be indicated.

When is the Form 3949-A due?

The Information Referral is a form for a voluntary report, so there is no due date.

How do I fill out the Information Referral form?

Initially, you should give the name and the address of an individual or a company, a social security number or an employer identification number. Then you need to check all the alleged violations of tax laws from the list provided in the form. You must also write the unreported income during the tax years that you know of. Describe the violations answering simply Who/What/When/Where/How in the comments below. You can attach another sheet if needed. Don’t forget to point out if you consider the taxpayer dangerous. Name the bank institutions used by the taxpayer if you can. Finally, give your name, address and a contact number and explain how you obtained the information used in the report. It is not required to identify yourself, but the Internal Revenue Service finds it helpful and assures that your identity will be kept confidential.

Where do I send the Information Referral form?

The Information Referral must be sent to Internal Revenue Service, Fresno, CA 93888.

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